Welcome to BlueWater Coaching.

I offer a combination of life coaching and meditation/mindfulness training that supports those interested in the cultivation of clarity, well-being, purpose and peace.

It is likely you've arrived here because you are ready to make meaningful changes in your life.

You have unique passions, hopes, and dreams. You are also likely to have three things in common with others who embark on this work:

  • the wish to live your daily life with a greater sense of clarity, gratitude, purpose, and peace
  • the wish to rest in, and act from, what we might call embodied presence
  • and an interest in Buddhist practices that support mindfulness and compassion— wisdom, well-being and peace

I work with those who know, on a "gut" level, that real change must be made over time, from the inside-out. Those who have a sense of the changes they wish to make in their life. And, those seeking a witness who will listen deeply, not just to what they say but to who they are.

Current Offerings

Do you long to carve out time each week to get grounded and connect with parents who are interested in growing more mindfulness and compassion in daily life?

Join meditation leader and life coach, Lori Stelling, for weekly explorations of practices that invite us to ground in the body, soften habitual tensions, grow curiosity and kindness, lessen self-judgements, and create a more spacious relationship with our thoughts/mind. Each class will support the cultivation of clarity, well-being, patience and peace. Pre-crawling babies may attend with parent or caregiver.

Session 1: February 28 - April 4 (6 weeks) Flyer
Session 2: April 25 - May 30 (6 weeks) Flyer
Time: Tuesdays 11:00- 11:50am
Fee: $75 per session or $15 drop-in
Location: Carnegie Building
Registration: Online (www.cityofsthelena.org), by phone (707) 963-5706, or in-person at the Carnegie Building