Welcome to BlueWater Coaching.

I offer a combination of life coaching and meditation/mindfulness training that supports those interested in the cultivation of clarity, well-being, purpose and peace.

It is likely you've arrived here because you are ready to make meaningful changes in your life.

BlueWater Coaching begins with one central question:
"What qualities do you long to grow more of in your life today?"

To answer this question honestly, we must call on courage. The courage to take moments of our day to slow down the momentum of our modern lives. The courage to STOP, listen inwardly, and touch into the sincerity of the deepest longings of the heart.

When we practice cultivating the qualities we long to grow, we begin to live from our values. The actions we take toward ourselves and the world around us are more often informed by the seeds of well-being we have consciously sowed. We become these qualities. They live through us. We become the embodied manifestation of these qualities in the world.

I work with those who know, on a "gut" level, that real change must be made over time, from the inside-out. Those ready to listen within and honestly explore what qualities they long to grow more of in their life in this moment. Those who already have a sense of the changes they wish to make in their life and are interested in secular Buddhist practices that support the cultivation of mindful awareness and compassion. And those seeking a witness who will listen deeply, not just to what they say but to who they are.

Winter Meditation

MINDFUL MEDITATION (Senior "Golden Ticket" class, Yountville Parks + Recreation)

Join meditation leader and life coach, Lori Stelling, for this 4-week introductory series on the basic foundations of mindfulness meditation. Learn how to use your direct experience of the breath, body and senses to help soften habitual tensions, grow curiosity and kindness, lessen self-judgments and create a more spacious relationship with your thoughts/mind. Each class will include periods of gently guided meditation, daily life practice tips to help keep you centered throughout your day, and time for sharing and questions. We welcome you to bring a water bottle and a pillow (for extra back support for chair sitting), if helpful to your body.

Ages: 50+
Date: 4 Fridays: March 2, 9, 16, 23
Time: 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Location: Yountville Community Center
Register here: www.townofyountville.com/departments-services/parks-recreation/golden-ticket or call 707.944.8712 for more information